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The institute conducts research on selected methods of control theory with a wide range of its  applications in technical dynamic processes in the  industrial automation, teleinformatics, mobile and rehabilitation robotics, electric drive and power electronics. They are mostly the methods concerning nonlinear, adaptive and optimal control based on visual information and elements of artificial intelligence such as fuzzy logic, neural networks, variable structure control, also in case of the incomplete availability of measurement data.


the institute formulated and submitted numerous research and development projects on the cutting-edge traction drive inverters as well as on a suspended robot with a closed kinematic chain for state funding. Currently we run research projects on sliding mode control, friction compensation and slips in drive systems, optimization of energy consumption in traction drive with super capacitor storage, vector control for asynchronous motors and developing a robotic arm for rehabilitation.


Our academic staff collaborates with numerous companies, e.g. Enika, Mawos, DP System, CAS, where the main focus is on developing and implementing the industrial automation systems and devices. Moreover, for many years we have been hosting the national conference on Control in power electronics and in electric drive (SENE).


Among our research staff there are renowned experts, reviewers of international scientific journals, active members of the state institutions supporting the higher education system in Poland, such as the Council of Higher Education, scientific committees of the National Academy of Sciences, the State Accreditation Commission and other national and international scientific societies.


The  institute offers undergraduate courses in automation and robotics. Additionally, we offer postgraduate courses on industrial microprocessor and programmable systems. Furthermore, students may improve their knowledge and develop their skills participating in the research meetings of our two student scientific associations, namely the SKANER club focused on robotics and in DSP engineering club supported by Texas Instruments company.

The institute also enjoys very close relationship with industry. Numerous companies participate in a variety of affiliates programs led by our unit, e.g. Honeywell Company. Upon successful completion of the proposed course, the participants are awarded international certificates in building automation based on Trend drivers. Moreover, we cooperate with Autodesk authorized training center where we run courses on Auto-CAD program which entitles participants to obtain internationally recognized certificates.

Since 2008 the institute has been providing commissioned studies in the field of automation and robotics. The current edition of the course entitled “ An automation and robotics engineer - a key profession of the twentieth century” is offered to students from two faculties at TUL.

For many years we have also been supervising international summer student practice programs in cooperation with Novogrod State University.