K-21 | Department of Electrical Apparatus

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The main research areas of the department cover latest electrical apparatus, especially traction devices, and research on rotary contact systems (erosion, tackling, resistance). The other fast developing area is the research on the integrated, energy-efficient building management systems (BMS). Moreover, the research program encompasses a method for identifying three-dimensional objects with impedance tomography (EIT).


For the last sixty years, the department has conducted numerous scientific inquiries and targeted projects. Among the most crucial ones, which helped  to spread and commercial  the research results, we can enumerate the new generation of ultra fast DC switches used in electric traction vehicles and in traction substations. The project was completed under the guidance of Professor Marek Bartosik, who subsequently patented ultra fast DC and AC switches as well as surge limiters. The department cooperates with WOLTAN company which manufactures and distributes the switches mentioned. Between 1996 and 2011, the inventors of the ultra fast switches received numerous prestigious awards including seven gold medals (four with merits) at the World Exhibition on Inventions, Research and New Technologies EUREKA CONTEST; the Cup of the Minister of Public Administration and Home Affairs of the Kingdom of Belgium; the Award of the Minister of Science, New Technologies and International Cooperation of the Government of Wallonia; the PR President Business Award in the category of "the invention in the field of product or technology", three times the Minister of Economy Award, five times the Special Prize and the Cup of the Polish Union of Associations of Inventors and Innovators.


The department actively participated in the development and implementation of the high-speed train project CETRANS.

However, special attention should be paid to the recently founded laboratory of building management systems (BMS) where  training on the integration of energy management systems for buildings (BEMS) take place.






Thanks to our experience and the access to the state-of-the art laboratories, the department also has excellent relationships in the field of intelligent installations with Polish and international companies, such as GIRA, DALKIA, LCN, KOS, DOMIQ, SAB SYSTEM, ROGEREM, APA to mention but a few.


The department also houses the recently modernized laboratories, e.g. a short-circuit laboratory, a BMS laboratory, a switching phenomena in contact materials laboratory (arc erosion, contact resistance, etc.). The laboratories are equipped with the modern measuring and control instruments (e.g. a super fast digital camera, oscilloscope measurement equipment, etc.). In our research, we also use the three-phase power quality recorder FLUKE and National Instruments measurement cards.


The department offers a Bachelor of Science program for on campus and remote students in the field of electrical engineering, power engineering, mechatronics, safety engineering and IT. Our faculty members are well experienced in running courses commissioned by companies such as GE Power Controls SA (ELESTER), APATOR S.A., ERGOM, BOMBARDIER.